Cucumber Beit Alpha Organic Seeds - Cucumis Sativus

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Cucumber Beit Alpha Organic Cucumis Sativus is an open pollinated, middle eastern type cucumber that is smooth and blocky with dark green skin. Cucumber Beit Alpha Organic seeds can be planted after the weather warms up in hills 4-5 feet apart on all sides, and the seeding rate is 10-12 seeds per hill. Later plantings may be made in June. The seedling has to be watched closely as it emerges, so it can be protected from insects by spraying or dusting with an effective insecticide. 

Cucumber Beit Alpha Organic has crunchy flesh, and the skin is so mild that it does not have to be peeled. This cucumber can be used for pickling or sliced in salads. Cucumis Sativus seeds germinate fast, and the vines are tolerant of CMV and resistant to WMV. Cucumber Beit Alpha grows best in rich, loamy soils, and its fruits have to be picked up frequently to insure continuous production.