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Pepper Hot Early Jalapeno Organic Seeds - Capsicum Annuum

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Pepper Hot Early Jalapeno Organic Capsicum Annuum is an open pollinated improved variety. Organic Pepper Hot Early Jalapeno seeds can be started indoors in March or April and transplanted into rich, well prepared garden soil when all danger of frost is past. The seedlings have to be spaced 15-18 inches apart in rows 2 feet apart. The 2-3 feet tall upright plants have a pendant habit, are prolific, and produce continuously once they start. 

Organic Pepper Hot Early Jalapeno has fruits with medium-thick walls, very smooth, dark green skin that turns to red, and this pepper is a good fresh or pickled variety for the home and market gardens. Jalapeno Pepper has 4,000-6,000 scovilles. The heat in hot peppers is measured in scoville units, and a pepper with 500 Scovilles is mildly hot and 200,000 scovilles is scorchingly hot. The growing Jalapeno Pepper plant likes moisture and warmth.