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Pepper Pimento Organic Seeds - Capsicum Annuum

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Pepper Pimento Organic Capsicum Annuum is a heirloom extra sweet, heart shaped, very thick walled pepper that is dark green turning to bright red at maturity. Organic Pepper Pimento seeds can be started indoors in March or April and transplanted into rich, well prepared garden soil when all danger of frost is past. The seedlings have to be spaced 15-18 inch apart in rows 2 foot apart. The best time to harvest Pimento Pepper is when it is fully mature and deep scarlet red. 

Organic Pepper Pimento is juicy, sweet, and delicious for eating fresh, and this tasty pepper is good for stuffing and pickling too. The chopped Pimento adds depth to the flavors and brightens the salad with its brilliant color. The pieces of Pimento Pepper are used to stuff green olives, or it can be stuffed with cheese and served as appetizers. This Pimento Pepper variety is extensively used for canning and for drying.