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Radish Champion Organic Seeds - Raphanus Sativus

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Radish Champion Organic Raphanus Sativus is an open pollinated bright red, crisp, round radish with large tops. Organic Radish Champion seeds can be sown directly into vegetable garden anytime soil is workable from March to September. Cover seeds with 1/4 inch light soil, spacing seeds 1 to 1 1/2 inches apart. Leave 6 to 12 inches between rows or plant 2 inches apart in all directions in wide rows. This radish withstands cold and can be planted in spring or fall. 

Radish Champion Organic is a good market garden variety for spring planting and a good home garden radish variety with 1 1/2 inch bright red globes that retain their crispness over a long season. Raphanus Sativus seeds produce the AAS winner, quickly grown radish that may be sown between slower growing crops without interfering. For a continuous supply, sow at 2 week intervals until September. The Radish Champion roots have a mild flavor and can get quite large without getting tough.