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Radish Daikon Oriental Organic Seeds - Raphanus Sativus

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Radish Daikon Oriental Organic Raphanus Sativus is an open pollinated pure white radish. Radish Daikon Oriental seeds can be started in late winter or early spring for summer harvest, or Radish Daikon Organic seeds can be sown in July for fall harvest. Plant in rows 36 inches apart, covering lightly and thin the seedlings to 4-6 inch apart. 

Radish Daikon Oriental Organic can grow over 1 foot long and 2-3 inches in diameter and still have crisp firm flesh. Also known as Chinese or Japanese Radish, Raphanus Sativus is a good all round variety that can be planted throughout the season. Oriental Radish is usually cooked, stir-fried or pickled, but this radish can be used raw in salads.