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Tomatillo Green Organic Seeds - Physalis Philadelphica

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Tomatillo Green Organic Physalis Philadelphica is an open pollinated tomatillo. Organic Tomatillo Green seeds can be started indoors six weeks before the last spring frost. The seeds can be planted in individual 3" pots, and after four weeks, the plant can be transplanted into larger pots. In one week after the last spring frost, transplant plants outdoors, spacing the plants 2 feet apart in rows 3 feet apart.

Organic Tomatillo Green produces round, 2-3 inches in diameter fruits that change their color from green to yellow-green. Tomatillo fruits can be eaten freshly, and they are excellent for making a wonderful salsa. Physalis Philadelphica seeds germinate in 15-20 days, and Tomatillo is grown like tomatoes. The small, green to yellow-gold Green Tomatillo fruits are surrounded by a papery husk that turns from green to brown as they ripen and splits open when they are ready to harvest.