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Canna Red Seeds - Canna x Generalis

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Canna Red Canna x Generalis is a herbaceous, perennial plant with a rhizomatous rootstock. Red Canna seeds can be started indoors or outdoors, and also referred to as Canna Lily or Indian Shot, the Canna x Generalis has dark-green to bronze-red foliage with a glossy appearance and produces dazzling dark-red flowers. Canna Lily blooms gloriously from late spring or early summer to frost adding a tropical feel to any garden. 

Canna Red is ideal for mass planting in sunny borders, and Red Canna Lily is a long-time garden favorite that looks terrific in background plantings, at pool side, or in containers. For the faster germination the Canna x Generalis seeds have to be soaked for 24-48 hours prior planting them. Canna grows best in moist or even wet soils preferring full sun. The regular watering is essential for this plant. As a cut flower, Canna is a very popular choice for various floral arrangements.

Season: Perennial/Annual 
Height: 24-30 Inches 
Bloom Season: Summer/Fall
Environment: Sun/Partial Shade 
Soil Type: Rich, Moist well-drained, pH 6.1-7.5
USDA Zones: 7-11 (As Perennial) All Regions of North America (As Annual)

Sow Indoors: Spring (8-10 weeks before last frost) 
Sow Outdoors: Spring
Seed Depth: 1/2 Inch 
Germination Time: 10-20 Days