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Carrot Danvers Non GMO Seeds - Daucus Carota

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Carrot Danvers Daucus Carota is a heirloom variety of carrot for shallow soils. Carrot Danvers seeds germinate fast and the developed plant produces deep-orange roots that are uniformly sized, 5-6 inch long and 2 inch wide. Daucus Carota seeds can be sown directly into vegetable garden from as soon as soil is workable and cover seeds with 1/8 inch soil. When carrot plants are 2-4 inches tall, they have to be thinned to 2 to 3 inches apart, and the rows can be spaced 15-18 inches apart, or closer if the space is limited. 

Carrot Danvers is an ideal, good flavor vegetable for eating fresh or cooked, and like all carrots this one is nice to use in salads, soups, stews or as a garnish. Daucus Carota produces best in moist, deeply worked soils, and this variety is heat tolerant. Carrot Danvers is an excellent for a main crop and one of the premium carrots for storage.