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Endive Salad King Non GMO Seeds - Cichorium Endivia

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Endive Salad King Cichorium Endivia is an open pollinated giant endive with large, dark green, finely cut leaves with white ribs. For spring harvest, Endive Salad King seeds can be sown indoors 6-8 weeks before the last frost and transplanted outdoors 2 weeks before the last frost. Endive Salad King forms a full hearted, 2 feet diameter head with a finely curled dark-green leaves and pale-green midribs. Endive Salad King plants have to be spaced 12 inches apart.

Endive Salad King is an outstanding variety that is slow to bolt, frost tolerant and produces well even under difficult conditions. For fall harvest Cichorium Endivia seeds can be planted directly outdoors in early spring or summer, and as an excellent lettuce substitute Endive is great for salads especially when it is mixed with lettuce leaves.