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Kale Red Russian Organic Seeds - Brassica Oleracea

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Kale Red Russian Organic Brassica Oleracea is a heirloom kale variety that is also called Ragged Jack. Organic Kale Red Russian seeds are easy to grow, and this Kale will add beautiful color to your fall garden, with leaf veins and stems that turn red in cold weather. The stems are purplish, and the extra large leaves are shaped like the leaves on an oak tree. Kale Red Russian can be planted from middle April to June, and because the maturity time is only 50 days, this Kale can be grown as a spring crop.

Organic Kale Red Russian is hardier than cabbage, so the kale is excellent for winter or early spring greens, and its flavor is improved by frost. Kale Red Russian has very tender and delicious leaves that can be added to soups when mature or used as a salad ingredient when young.