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Kohlrabi Early Purple Vienna Non GMO Seeds - Brassica Oleracea

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Kohlrabi Early Purple Vienna Brassica Oleracea is heirloom standard home and market variety. Kohlrabi Early Purple Vienna seeds can be sown in spring or fall in rows 18 inches apart, and the plants have to thinned to 8-10 inches. This Kohlrabi produces bulbs that are purple-red on the exterior and pale green on the interior. Large bulbs are formed on the stems just above the soil, and have to be harvested when they are young and tender at 2-3 inches in diameter.

Kohlrabi Early Purple Vienna has delicate and unique taste, and the raw pieces are good with dip, but this vegetable is also tasty when cooked. Generally, Kohlrabi leaves are eaten like kale when they are young, and the bulbs are eaten just like broccoli.