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Leek American Flag Organic Seeds - Allium Ampeloprasum

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Leek American Flag Organic Allium Ampeloprasum is a heirloom plant that is very vigorous, productive and hardy. Organic Leek American Flag seeds can be sown directly in early spring or started indoors earlier for thicker stalks. American Flag Leek produces 7-9 inches long, 1-2 inches wide stalks, and its clear white stems have a yellow heart. To ensure tender, well-blanched stems, Leek has to be planted in trenches and filled in as the plant grows. 

Organic Leek American Flag is a good variety with large stalks and a fine mild flavor, and this vegetable is great for home and market gardeners. Organic Allium Ampeloprasum seeds produce the leek plant that are cold tolerant and can be harvested even in late fall after first frost. The Leek long stems are most often used in soups for their delicate flavor, and the stalks can be easily stored in the freezer for using in winter soup.