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Lettuce Looseleaf Celtuce Non GMO Seeds - Lactuca Sativa

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Lettuce Looseleaf Celtuce Lactuca Sativa is an open pollinated Chinese lettuce. Lettuce Looseleaf Celtuce is the easiest type of lettuce to grow from seeds, and the seeds can be planted directly outdoors in spring or fall. Also known as Asparagus Lettuce or Celery Lettuce, this variety is grown mostly for its thick stems that resemble asparagus, but it can be eaten like a leaf lettuce when young. Normally, Lettuce Looseleaf Celtuce is harvested when it reaches at least 12 inches in height, because the nice crunchy stems with just few leaves left will be formed at this point. 

Lettuce Looseleaf Celtuce has celery-like stems that can be eaten raw or cooked just like celery stalks and lettuce-like leaves that are especially good in miso soup. The thick stems of Asparagus Lettuce are mild and delicate in flavor that resembles asparagus or even cucumber when cooked. The crispy and tender stems can be peeled and sliced for stir-fry, or they can be pickled.