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Tomato Marglobe Supreme Non GMO Seeds - Lycopersicon Esculentum

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Tomato Marglobe Supreme Lycopersicon Esculentum is a heirloom mid season red tomato. Tomato Marglobe Supreme seeds can be sown thinly in winter or early spring in a greenhouse or indoors and when the plants have 2-3 true leaves, they can be transplanted to peat pots or other plant containers and grow at 65°F. After last frost tomato plants can be set out in open ground spacing 3 feet each way. 

Tomato Marglobe Supreme is widely adapted with fruit that ripens evenly for a concentrated harvest. The tomatoes are large, 8-10 oz., smooth and meaty with a small seed cavity. Tomato Marglobe Supreme is one of the most popular varieties for the home garden, market growers, canning and shipping. Resistant to FW and NHR. Tolerant of LM, ST and VW.