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Antennaria Pussytoes Red Seeds - Antennaria Dioica Rubra

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Antennaria Pussytoes Red Antennaria Dioica Rubra is a low growing, carpeting perennial ground cover that can be started from seeds. Antennaria forms a dense carpet of tiny silver-grey leaves that are covered by taller stems of fuzzy dark-pink or cherry-red flowers. Antennaria is the evergreen, flowering ground cover that blooms in spring and summer tolerating light foot traffic. Because of its foot-traffic tolerance, Antennaria Red Pussytoes can be used as a lawn substitute in small areas. 

Antennaria makes a great plant for edging, pathways, or stone walls, and it is outstanding for growing in spaces between stepping stones or as a patio plant. Antennaria Dioica grows well in full sun and very well-drained, dry to medium soil, tolerating both dry and moist conditions.

Season: Perennial 
Height: 4 Inches 
Bloom Season: Spring/Summer
Environment: Sun/Partial Shade
Soil Type: Sandy to Clay, Medium to Dry well-drained, pH 6.2-7.2 
USDA Zones: 5-9

Sow Indoors: Winter/Spring (6-8 weeks before last frost) 
Sow Outdoors: Spring/Fall 
Seed Depth: Surface sowing - press seeds slightly into soil
Germination Time: 42-70 Days