Cucumber Burpless Armenian Yard Long Non GMO Seeds - Cucumis Melo

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Cucumber Burpless Armenian Yard Long Cucumis Sativus is an open pollinated plant that is closely related to cucumbers with a similar flavor. Cucumber Burpless Armenian seeds can be planted in mounds or rows, and when the seeds are planted in rows, the recommended distance is 4 inches. Eventually, the plants have to be thinned to 1 plant per foot. Sometimes called Snake Cucumber this variety is best grown as the prolific vine up a trellis for the straightest fruit. 

Cucumber Burpless Armenian Yard Long produces heavily ribbed, long, narrow fruits with light-green skin that does not need to be pealed before eating. The mild and easily digested Cucumber Burpless Armenian Yard Long fruit bears the best flavor when harvested at 12 inches long, and this cucumber is one of the best for slicing. Cucumber Burpless Armenian is heat tolerant plant that has a long production period, so its fruits can be harvested well into fall.