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Lacy Phacelia Seeds - Phacelia Tanacetifolia

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Lacy Phacelia Phacelia Tanacetifolia is an annual, desert wildflower that is native to California but has naturalized throughout the United States. Lacy Phacelia seeds germinate quickly, and Phacelia Tanacetifolia grows rapidly featuring the lacy, medium green foliage with reddish tinted stems and producing lovely lavender - blue colored flowers that are not overly large and showy, but they make a nice mass blooming effect with thousands of flowers produced in crowded heads over many months. Lacy Phacelia flowers have fragrance reminiscent of grapes, and they are highly attractive to bees and butterflies. 

Lacy Phacelia has flowers that are a rich source of nectar, so the plant is often grown commercially as a crop for honeybees, and also called Purple Tansy and Fiddleneck, this annual flower is popular for growing in cottage and butterfly gardens, meadows and naturalized landscapes. Phacelia Tanacetifolia seeds can be covered with soil and the seeds have to be kept moist until germination. Lacy Phacelia starts to bloom only in five weeks from germination, and this long blooming annual flower grows best in hot, desert like conditions but adapts easily to other environments. Purple Tansy self-sows itself and makes a wonderful cut flower.

Season: Annual 
Height: 24-36 Inches 
Bloom Season: Summer
Environment: Sun
Soil Type: Average/Dry/Moist well-drained, pH 6.1-7.8
USDA Zones: All Regions of North America

Sow Indoors: Winter/Spring (2-4 weeks before last frost)
Sow Outdoors: Spring
Seed Depth: 1/16-1/8 Inch 
Germination Time: 7-15 Days