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Lobelia Rosamond Seeds - Lobelia Erinus

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Lobelia Rosamond Lobelia Erinus is a perennial plant native to southern Africa. Lobelia Rosamond seeds can be planted directly outdoors in spring after last frost, but if the seeds started indoors in winter 10 - 12 weeks before the last frost and transplanted later to a garden, the Lobelia plant will start to bloom earlier in late spring. Lobelia is categorized as an annual in most areas of the country except for frost-free zones, and the lovely Lobelia Rosamond has leafy, branching stems that are covered with canopy of carmine-rose colored flowers with white centers. The flowers appear continuously all summer long adding a gorgeous display of pink color to a landscape.

Lobelia Rosamond has a compact and trailing growth habit, and it makes this flower a perfect ground cover or edging plant. Other garden uses include window boxes, hanging baskets, planters, containers, rock and butterfly gardens. Lobelia Erinus seeds germinate in 2 - 3 weeks, and Lobelia Rosamond likes to grow in moist, rich soil, and it does well in hot areas if deep, regular watering is provided. Lobelia self-sows itself once established.

Season: Annual/Perennial
Height: 4-5 Inches 
Bloom Season: Spring/Summer
Environment: Full Sun/Partial Shade 
Soil Type: Rich/Moist well-drained, pH 5.5-6.5
USDA Zones: 10-11 (As Perennial) All regions of North America (As Annual)

Sow Indoors: Winter (10-12 weeks before last frost) 
Sow Outdoors: Spring
Seed Depth: Surface sowing - press seeds slightly into the soil
Germination Time: 14-21 Days